Museums Journal Review
Issue 109/6, p52-53, June 2009, By Javier Pes,

A museum about The Parachute Regiment makes a successful landing at its new home in Duxford.

'..Relocated from Aldershot and unveiled at the end of last year by its colonel in chief, the Prince of Wales, Airborne Assault, the Museum of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces, is in many ways a model regimental museum. The regimental colours, medals and ceremonial dress are present and correct, but it is the courage of the officers and men that shines through...

...The makeshift origins of the maroon beret-wearing "red devils" is illustrated simply and effectively, a characteristic of the museum as a whole...

The museum occupies just one large gallery in rented space in a corner of AirSpace, the IWM Duxford's super-sized hangar. It could have ended up as something of a sideshow, but Airborne Assault makes its presence felt using a simple and inspired design idea...

...Displayed on its doorstep is hardware for a "heavy drop". A jeep and its trailer, a motorcycle and anti-tank guns defy gravity, hanging just above the floor from steel cables.

...Stirring, elegiac music provides a soundtrack to the museum. There is also the dramatic noise of helicopter blades at one end of the gallery accompanying a short film of paras in Afghanistan today.

...The multiple audio elements have been deployed with uncommon skill...'

images: Simply Publishing